Brand Identity Plans

Welcome to the LeadsforBiz247. If you have been referred to this link, you have communicated with one of our representatives about your business and they recommended this page to you to help you establish your brand and digital footprint.


The packages on this page are for newer businesses, independent brokers and salespeople, and home business individuals who do not have a brand or an online identity established.

Build a digital footprint and watch you rlead generation grow

“You do not need to be a Million Dollar Company to build a BRAND. But you do need a BRAND to become a Million Dollar Company

Jim Beck, Managing Partner

This is an important step for your business. Please read over the packages below that we offer that will fit just about any business, at any place you are on your journey today. Because you do not have a brand identity started, we believe lead generation will not be the most effective for you today and may even be a waste of your money – We do not want this.


Every day I speak with business owners who state that the leads they bought were “a waste of money”. Well, ask yourself, if you pitched YOU with your current brand structure, would you buy from you? People want to buy from companies that have a brand, a website, active social channels, and Social Proof/Reviews.  They want to feel confident that you are not a “fly by night” company and a company that will do the job right or delivers the service or product as expected.  If you are not offering this, then this may be the reason you are not getting good results from your leads. We want to help change this for you.  


We would like to help you build out a brand identity and digital footprint with one of the packages below so that you get the best results from your leads. This is so that when YOUR potential client is asking you questions about YOUR products or services, you have a website and/or sales pages that explain what you do and how you do it.  More importantly, the phone number listed and the email form will go to YOU and not some other company or salesperson. 


The old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is still true today. 


Your new site will also be designed to display your Social Proof – otherwise known as reviews from your past customers. The social networks are there to show your prospects you are a legitimate business person and company and can provide the services you have stated. The reviews will be there to show you how you have helped your past clients and they are happy with you. 


This is how you begin lead generation.  Having a solid base first will allow you to build your business to any level you would like to go.


We will build your new and useful digital footprint for you and then train you on how to use your new system to help you grow your company organically. This is the first step to building your brand and a very important one.  Once your digital footprint is up and running, you can then move up to our Managed Lead Generation Programs and be positioned for success in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Digital Footprint Build-Out

Starter Digital Footprint Package

Build your digital footprint to grow

Get started with Digital Marketing

Powered by Advoria


We will provide you with:


(1) Business Logo(If needed), Setup Facebook Business Page, Design Facebook Header, Claim GMB, (1) Advoria License with Advoria Website Builder w/basic 3-page Website buildout and our simple to use email marketing program all in one system.


Business Investment $499.00 Upfront and just $149/Mo for (1) Advoria License with Website Builder



Add full-featured Crm: Add $79/M plus usage

Advanced Digital Footprint Package

Get a solid digital footprint established and watch your business grow

Grow Your Business with

the Brand Identity Package

We will provide you with:


Business Logo(If needed), 5 Page Advanced WordPress Website with Blog, Managed Hosting w/ SSL and 5 email accounts, off-site back, uptime monitoring, Advanced CRM System for client follow-through and 1 automation buildout, Social Media Design Pack, Claim GMB( if not done) and GMB Optimization, Facebook Business Page setup, Instagram Business Page Setup, Twitter Account Setup, Advoria subscription w/ Basic Citation Management, Managed Advoria system setup, basic SEO Google Search Console sitemap submit, 2 Hours of Advoria, Website, and CRM training or setup 


Business Investment: $999.00  upfront and $349/Mo


  • This is the program that will allow you to quickly grow to the wholesale lead generation programs available. You will only pay the upgrade difference per month as you move up in levels.

Are you ready to build your OWN Brand? Please call 614-762-9368 and we will get your build-out started right away.